Monday, March 9, 2015

Social Media for Personal Branding: Three Questions To Be Answered

A Globe of Social Media 

As I am a physician who decided to be a qualitician believing that treating healthcare systems is as important as treating individual patients, I am trying to build my personal brand as an expert, a consultant, a researcher and a lecturer in the field of healthcare quality management and to be more specific in the domains of quality improvement, patient safety and healthcare accreditation. This is very clear even for the title of my blog (The qualitician) Although the journey seems to be highly demanding but in the same time it is highly rewarding. The start is to answer three main questions which are what to use?Whom to address? and finally How to build an effective blog?
What to use?
I decided to use Twitter, LinkedIn and Google plus to build my personal brand as these social media enable me to have a strong professional network, to express freely my thoughts and ideas and to market my personal brand to the main audience I want to target. Also using those social media simultaneously will augment the impact and maximize the benefits as they address different groups and have different features like short updates in twitter, writing free texts in Google blogs or displaying fully detailed CV in LinkedIn.
Whom to address?
My main target is healthcare leaders which includes various groups like hospital managers, accreditation consultants, quality professionals, researchers and professors. I try to have good contacts with key organizations in healthcare quality like hospitals, research centers. universities, accreditation bodies and consultancy agencies.
How to build the blog?
My blog is using very simple design with warm colors like orange as a background and clear font with a black color to increase clarity. There is one column for posts to avoid any distraction of the readers. Minimal decorations are used so that readers can focus more on the contents published. All posts  will be published with relevant photos or videos to be more attractive or understandable. Regularly a video of high quality related to quality improvement, patient safety, health literacy and healthcare accreditation standards will be published in the blog. Relevant quotes related to quality, leadership, motivation, teamwork and other management concepts or affairs will be posted regularly.

I hope that by deciding what to use, determining whom to address and building an effective blog I will able to establish my personal brand by the end of 2015 as a qualitician and to have a strong professional and social networking.


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