Tuesday, March 10, 2015

BE SAFE: Patient Safety As Never Seen Before

What I would like to share with you my dear qualiticians this time is a very nice and innovative video about patient safety. (BE SAFE) is a song written and composed by Dr.Geoff Randolf the chief medical officer (CMO) of Lutheran Hospital and produced by the hospital to entrench the culture of patient safety as the hospital top priority. It highlights in a very simple, innovative and attractive way many of  patient safety concepts, tools and practices like effective communication, surgical site marking, surgical timeout, verbal and telephone orders, patient falls, double check and medication errors.
What about starting to watch this attractive and impressive video instead of talking about it? Let's sing with , learn from and enjoy this amazing work. Many thanks to Dr.Jeoff and all his wonderful team. BE SAFE ... BE SAFE ... BE SAFE ... it's four letter word starts with "S"


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